The city

The silhouette next to the sea is already a benchmark of modernity in a city with three thousand years of history.

Cartagena and El Batel

Cartagena is a port city with more than three thousand years of history, which offers testimonies to its splendid historical past in each and every corner. This is a living, dynamic city, with a great patrimony and a multitude of cultural, sport and leisure options to enjoy, as well as varied gastronomy, rich in autochthonous products.

The wide range of possibilities which the city has to offer allow us to take delight in the testimony of its grandeur: museum-adapted Roman sites, such as the Roman Theatre or the Punic Wall; military vestiges, such as the Castillo de la Concepcion (Conception Castle), or the enchanting bay, in which you can enjoy a boat trip, are a just a few examples of the endless supply of resources which the city has to offer, and which together with the new Auditorium make Cartagena a unique setting for the celebration of a Conference.

Tourist Information

The city of Cartagena has a rich history and magnificent cultural patrimony. Cartagena was founded around the year 227 B.C. under the name Quart Hadast, by the Carthaginian general Asdrubal.

Roman Theatre of Cartagena Town Hall of Cartagena

Over the past ten years investment has been made in the development of Cartagena as a tourist destination. The consideration of its patrimony, its rich complementary offer and excellent gastronomy make this an attractive destination which cannot fail to impress the attendants and organisers who pass through this port city.

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Leisure activities

Throughout the year there are numerous leisure and cultural activities organised in the city to choose from:

  • Semana Santa (Holy Week). Declared of International Tourist Interest.
  • Carthagineses y Romanos (Carthaginians and Romans). Commemorates the conquest of the ancient Carthaginian city of Qart Hadasht by the Romans. Second fortnight of September. Declared Festival of National Tourist Interest.
  • Carnival of Cartagena. Declared of Regional Tourist Interest. February.
  • La Mar de Músicas. July. Festival music from around the world which includes activities of cinema, literature and cultural exhibitions.
  • International Jazz Festival. November.
  • Cinema Festival of Cartagena. November.
  • Mudanzas. Dance Festival. Spring.
  • “Theatre of the Sea”, “Folklore Festival”, “Trovalia”, etc.

Carthaginians and Romans Mudanzas. Dance Festival

There is a wide variety of activities with on to spend your free time:

  • Nautical sports, such as sailing, windsurfing, canoeing or diving.
  • Other sports: golf, tennis, padel tennis.
  • Hydrotherapy and thermal treatments.
  • Horse riding.
  • Boat trips.

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The selection of hotels in Cartagena is comprehensive and well prepared for the city to host conferences, conventions and incentive trips thanks to its outstanding tourist infrastructure.

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