Other services

El Batel is much more than an infrastructure. We offer an integral concept of services, placing everything you may need for the organisation and development of your conference from beginning to end at your disposition, guaranteeing confidence and quality in all of our services.

Technical Secretary

We provide our clients with the service of a Technical Secretary in order to facilitate all of the administrative tasks which are involved in the development of a conference.

Transport Management

We take care of the travel arrangements and transfers of the guests and speakers, as well as their accommodation in the best hotels in the city.


Design services are available to develop an image for events, conferences, stands and various different applications for posters, leaflets etc.

We work with the best printers to offer maximum quality in all of our printing.

Web Design

We offer our clients the chance to have their own web page. Design, use and accessibility join together to offer all of the information relating to the conference, so that they can broadcast the programme, carry out inscriptions, diffuse the speakers and reserve a hotel, all with a simple click.

Communication Office

The Conference Centre has an expert press room dedicated to communication. This office, in charge of communication services and media relations, offers a personalised service, providing attractive first-hand information, in order to achieve good media coverage of each event.


Practical ideas, elegant, fun and innovative for the decoration of each event. We combine the latest trends with utility, so that each element can be decorative as well as functional.

Leisure and free time management

We have official guides and expert tourism personnel, who develop the specific social and cultural programme of each conference, managing cultural visits, sporting activities, reservation of shows and an endless list of possibilities.

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