Arctic Startups in the Sun. Main Event in Cartagena, El Batel Convention Center.

Arctic Startups in the Sun. Main Event in Cartagena, El Batel Convention Center.
In February, it is cold and dark in Northern Europe. The international investors don’t want to come to the north to meet startup companies during the winter.So we needed a solution. Let’s put the startups on the plane and fly them off to a sunny place and invite the investors to join there – Spain! You can check out the list of attending investors by scrolling down.

The Spanish and Latin American market opportunity for Nordic companies. Almost 50M people just in Spain, and via Spain you can enter into the whole Latin America of 600M people. So definitely something to look into, and one of the key points of interest will be exploring, meeting the right partners to help enter, grow or pilot your business in these markets.So if you have plans regarding Spain and Latin America, this is your chance to take the next steps. If you haven’t thought about it, maybe you should.


Arctic Startups in the Sun – Murcia Edition is an international collaboration between ArcticStartup and the Government of Murcia. To bring 50 startup and growth companies from the Nordics and Baltics to Murcia, Spain, and have the local companies join. We will accept a mix of early-stage and later-stage companies, so both are welcome to apply.We’ll have a cool and innovative startup and business event with various themes, participants joining from both, Northern and Southern Europe ecosystems.

Industries: B2B & B2C software and services like Media, Web, Mobile, Gaming and Ecommerce, plus Sports, Health and wellbeing, Cleantech and energy, Education, Logistics, Food Technology and Tourism.

These are the main themes and we may accept some companies which are closely related to these areas if there is free space available. There will be investors and other players related to main themes present at the event. For instance, there will be the local government officials looking for solutions to improve the efficiency in various sectors, and also sports clubs from La Liga who are looking new ways to monetize their global fan base, not to forget Telefónica, the telecommunications giant who will be present too.