A successful finish to the 3rd edition of Los Veranos de El Batel

A successful finish to the 3rd edition of Los Veranos de El Batel

El Batel’s cultural offerings round out the activities of the District of Cartagena during the month of August with a focus on theater


With cultural offerings designed to suit all tastes, bringing together genres such as theater, dance, flamenco and humor, the Auditorium and Conference Center of Cartagena has worked to bring locals and tourists visiting the District of Cartagena the best cultural offerings in the month of August to complement the summer activities that began in July, which the auditorium has also been involved in.

This third edition primarily featured theater, highlighting works brought over from the Merida Classical Theater Festival, such as “Caesar and Cleopatra” and “Assemblywomen”, making this program the revelation of the summer thanks to glowing reviews and sold out shows. Other highlights included the flamenco of Miguel Poveda, the humor of “Los Morancos” and “Sofocos Plus” with Ana Obregon and Tete Delgado, and the Spanish Ballet of the Compañía Carmen and Matilde Rubio.

Nearly 6,000 people filled the seats of the auditorium to enjoy the various shows scheduled in August, the vast majority of which rated the program as “excellent.” The shows’ success was evident by the sold-out signs hanging outside on numerous occasions, including “Los Morancos”, “Assemblywomen” and Miguel Poveda’s show “Sonnets and Poems”.

In addition to enjoying the various shows that took place, visitors to El Batel also got to see an exposition by Chilean artist José Pedro Godoy, who has been on view since July as part of La Mar de Musicas.

This edition of Los Veranos de El Batel once again featured a wonderful summer program designed for all ages, attracting thousands of people to the city of Cartagena and bringing life to the city center and Port, where the Auditorium is located, thus continuing the work begun in 2013 with the festival’s first edition. Many top names in the Spanish musical scene have already graced the stage of the Auditorium, including M-Clan, Los Secretos, Diana Navarro, Quique Gonzalez, Leiva, etc., as well as fine actors like Beatriz Carvajal, Lola Herrera and Hector Alterio, not to mention world-class dance companies like the Moscow Ballet. All in all 21,000 spectators showed up for the three editions of Los Veranos de El Batel.

Also worth noting was the significant increase in national spectators, doubling their percentage, attracted not only to our beaches but also our culture and entertainment. Moreover, the Auditorium had a very positive impact on audiences, 81.9% of whom said it was extremely likely they would be back, and even more likely (86.3%) to recommend visiting to others.

The success of the third edition of Los Veranos de El Batel reflects the consolidation and integration of this project in the city of Cartagena and the summer cultural offerings in the Murcia Region, making it an essential part of the summer’s activities year after year.